"Health is wealth, peace of mind is happiness.Yoga shows the way" Sivananda 


These traditional style, authentic yoga classes are energizing, fun and refreshing.


Concentrating on:


Proper Exercise  

Proper Breathing  

Proper Relaxation 

Proper Diet

Positive Thinking and Meditation


to improve posture, breath awareness, strengthen,tone and detoxify the body and to focus and calm the mind,thus reducing stress.


Classes last 60, 75 or 90 minutes and are adaptable for most abilities.

Yoga is practiced barefoot, in comfortable clothing and ideally on an empty stomach.

Please bring a slip free yoga mat and blanket if you have one.


See timetable and book your place.



Pregnancy Yoga classes provide a nurturing, supportive environment for pregnant women, to share and embrace their experience through pregnancy to motherhood.

An adaption of a traditional yoga class including a full range of:


modified postures (asanas)  

breathing exercises (pranayama) 

pelvic floor exercise

deep relaxation (yoga nidra)


Designed to make your pregnancy a more comfortable, contented and relaxed time while improving general health,boosting vitality, promoting strength and assisting in becoming more in tune with your own body and breath.


Classes last 90 minutes but you will only work according to your own energy levels. Please bring a slip-free yoga mat and blanket if you have one.

See timetable and book your place.





Starting 17th May 2022.

Mondays @ 5.30pm in St.Marks, Cheltenham.

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Private online or in person sessions can be arranged.

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