"I have been taking yoga classes with Pauline since January 2013.I have arthritis in my thumb-base joint and my knees, and from the outset Pauline was sensitive to this and devised ways to enable me to get the most from the yoga poses despite the restrictions.


Unfailingly reliable, punctual and pleasant, Pauline is a great pleasure to work with both as a person and a yoga instructor. Her knowledge and technique are impressive, but she has never made me or any other student feel inadequate–she watches each of us carefully, understands individual needs and gives encouragement, even when giving us the necessary corrections.


Doing yoga with Pauline has helped me improve my posture and mindfulness, and although this may be said of many yoga teachers, Pauline’s intelligence and amiability has been a significant factor in my case.  She is approachable without being over-friendly, and as an ex-teacher myself I know how difficult this is to get right."


Veronica Bennett- Author 




“As a  sports-cyclist I suffered from severe back pain , muscle shortening and tension.   Despite physical therapy , I still had severe pain.

 On the advice of a friend , I attended my first yoga session in the summer of 2006  and I had the great fortune that Pauline was giving the class in my former gym.

 After a short preliminary discussion Pauline dealt directly with my health problems and even during that first class ,showed me alternative asanas ((postures) that helped me as an injured beginner .After this first yoga class I already felt much better.

I began visiting Pauline’s classes regularly and the effect was tremendous. With the stretching and strengthening exercises,my problems were definitely improving.

Then I started taking private classes with Pauline and taking part in weekend workshops and yoga holidays

As I had become very curious, I tried other yoga styles and teachers but with Pauline I always felt the most professionally cared for .With her positive and fun-loving charisma, she gave me strength and energy.

Pauline accompanied me through two pregnancies and helped me after the birth with appropriate yoga exercises to quickly get fit.

I very much regret that Pauline no longer regularly works in Hamburg and look forward to each yoga class when she visits.”


Cornelia Mitra …..director of a top advertising agency in Hamburg, Germany

 Translated from German , March 2014




Yoga  for me has been transformative both in  body and mind. I came as an absolute beginner to yoga around 4 months ago. I was immediately made to feel welcomed and comfortable. Pauline has been an excellent Yoga Instructor. She has a good understanding of her clients needs and abilities. She tailors her classes to make the most of her clients abilities as well as recognises when the client is ready to move forward and able  push themselves further. Her instructions are very clear and easily understood. Even though the class is group based, Pauline's attention towards each client makes it feel very personalised.

The most appealing aspect of her classes are that she manages a good balance of relaxation, meditation and body transforming excercises. Since I took on Yoga with Pauline I have already  lost 2st in weight, but most importantly my general mental and emotional well being has improved immensely. I have become more confident and focused , being able to think quickly whilst being calm in stressful and demanding situations  as a Special Needs Teacher. The benefits of my regular Yoga exercises have been noticed by all that I come across, my ongoing transformation has motivated work colleagues to consider taking up yoga. I am regularly told that my face is glowing and my answer is always 'YOGA'!!!!!!

Zehra Naqvi-  special needs teacher



"Pauline's classes are always fresh and friendly with the exact amount of humour and engagement to get the group into a positive mood for their class.I myself and many friends of mine have also taken part in weekend workshops and the XXL classes. One only has to see their facial expressions afterwards to get an idea of the benefits. Always encouraging with challenging asanas, she has first class knowledge of adjustments and the use of props. My creativity as a professional musician is definitely enhanced by my yoga practise."


Martin Burns .......singer/songwriter





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